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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spanish Immersion?

Spanish Immersion education is rooted in the idea that children learn best when they are surrounded by Spanish; that they are “immersed” in a language rich environment. Based on this principal, children organically begin acquiring Spanish through experiences with teachers who are fluent and native speakers.  Instead of a traditional approach of vocabulary lists and memorization, children will begin to learn through problem solving and deduction as they gradually absorb Spanish.  A Spanish immersion preschool is a school in which Spanish is spoked 100% throughout the day.

What does Spanish Immersion looks like in a preschool setting?

In a preschool setting, Spanish is immersed in the child’s daily interactions and play with the teacher, peers, and environment.  Children will have authentic experiences through music and movement, books, discussions, play, and visuals that provides a natural learning acquisition of a second language.  Teachers are intuitive to each child’s needs and are skilled at individualizing to their learning styles. 

Will a child become lost if the preschool teacher only speaks Spanish?

Child will not feel lost if they do not understand Spanish.  Research has shown that most children quickly pick up a second language in an immersion setting.  Young children are better equipped to pick up a new language since their brains are still developing.  At Little Giants Spanish Immersion Preschool, we would never allow a child to feel lost because of a language barrier.  We work together with families as we individualize the education of each child. 

What are the Benefits?

Learning a second language provides many benefits. Research has recorded that children has been shown to improve their cognitive, social and emotional skills.   This benefit provides an advantage for their future in their education and in the workplace.  Children will emerge from our preschool with the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of Spanish and gain a lifelong appreciation for learning languages and culture.  Some children are often able to produce a native-like speech. 


At Little Giants Spanish Immersion Preschool, our goal is to support each child’s developmental and social needs.  With this goal in mind, we provide assessments of each child based on their age.  These assessments, allows us to determine where a child is at in their development of language, physical, cognitive, and social milestones so we can individualize their education. To obtain positive outcomes, throughout your time with us, we continuously will collect data through observations, photos, and developmental screenings and share this information at our parent teacher conferences to create goals for each child.

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