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The following steps must be completed for your child to be considered for enrollment at Little Giants Preschool. 

  1. Complete Online registration Form

Online Enrollment

2. Once the above registration form is submitted, Little Giants will notify you by email of your child’s acceptance to our program.  On your acceptance email, we will include a link for payment of the Registration Fee.

3. After being accepted in our program you need to complete and submit by email to the following documents:

  • Emergency information

  • Birth Certificate 

  • Immunization Record Card (DOWNLOAD HERE)

2024-2025 Schedule & Monthly Tuition

Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 7.23.27 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-03-29 at 7.23.55 AM.png

You are the most important influence in your child’s life as their Parent/Legal Guardian. Choosing an early education preschool that supports the foundation of the child’s home life is important because new ideas from adults will influence your developing child.  At Little Giants Spanish Immersion Preschool, we will honor your role as a parent through our partnership to instill positive values through our Spanish curriculum that provides structured and unstructured activities.  The flexibility of our curriculum allows us to individualize the goals for each child and family.

Our Mission

Engaging together to achieve each child’s specific educational, social, and emotional potential


Communication is fundamental here at Little Giants. Our goal is to form a positive communication with our children full of love, encouragement and respect as we support their development. We want to maintain a clear, direct, and thoughtful communication with our families by providing various forms of communication such as in-person, via email, phone call, and/or Procare App.


The safety of children in our care has always been our highest priority. We understand the honor you have given us, at Little Giants, and we take this responsibility seriously.  Every day when a child arrives at our preschool, we will complete a daily health screening to ensure that each child is healthy and ready to learn.


We understand that we are now learning to live with COVID and continuing to provide consistent care for your child will require a measure of balance.  We continue to carefully monitor the pandemic, and, in response, we will modify our policies as we utilize the guidelines provided by the CDC.  We understand that families are at a stage where they must make the choice between sending their children to school or keep them at home based on their assessments of their own family’s risk.  At Little Giants, we understand this, and we have taken steps to regularly disinfect the children’s environment and complete health screenings before children are dropped off.  To complete our Health Screenings, we utilize observation, as well as, ask questions if a child appears to have any health concern.  If a child does not pass our health screening, we will recommend that child stays home and returns when he/she is feeling better.

Daily Health Checks

Little Giants would like to recommend your child to stays home if they have one of the following symptoms: 

  • Visible ear or eye discharge (any color, teary, irritated, or red eye that has not been evaluated by a Medical Provider.

  • Cough, difficulty breathing, or unusual breathing sounds (wheeze, sniffing, congestion, etc.)

  • Open wound or sores

  • Visible lice on hair

  • Vomiting within the past 72 hours 

  • Fever within the past 72 hours

  • Diarrhea within the past 72 hours

**Please communicate with our Director if you are not sure of a certain symptom. 

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