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Lupita Guerrero

My experiences demonstrate my passion for working with children and families.  As your child’s teacher, I promise to promote your child’s growth and development through my Spanish language immersion program.  I would be honored to have your little ones join us on this journey of learning at Little Giants Spanish Immersion Preschool. 

About Lupita

Lupita Guerrero has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood from Grand Canyon University. She also holds various certificates that includes family and child literacy.  As a child and family advocate, she is well verse on family, community and school resources.

Born in Guerrero, Mexico, Lupita is a native Spanish speaker who has dedicated 23 years in working with children and families.  She began gaining a vast amount of experiences through her years as a Child Developmental Specialist with Head Start and as a Family Support Specialist in Early Head Start. As an Early Childhood Manager, she was able to learn the importance of collaboration and incorporation of an integrated service for a high-quality early childhood development, mental health, health, nutrition, and safe environment. Later she was able to enhance her experiences by becoming a trainer for Raising a Reader, which dedicates time in training parents on effective reading strategies, and assisting in a program that focus on helping  educators obtain their Child Development Associate (CDA) credentials, which enhances the quality of early care and education for young children. 

Lupita is passionate about the early childhood field and continues to strive to stay current on new research and education regarding child and family development.   As a grandmother of two precious little ones, Noah and Santi, she wanted to provide an environment that promotes healthy growth and development, without sacrificing the opportunity to be immersed in Spanish and cultural experiences.  This motivation combined with her extensive knowledge and passion, encouraged Lupita to begin Little Giants Spanish Immersion Preschool.

Engaging together to achieve each child’s specific educational, social, and emotional potential.


Little Giants Spanish Immersion Preschool engages children through hands-on experiences. Our goal is to form and maintain a cooperative partnership with our families.  It is through that partnership that we can achieve at a very early age each child’s specific educational, social, and emotional needs which can impact their whole lives.


As the founder and director of Little Giants Spanish Immersion Preschool, I am a firm believer in a comprehensive approach that not only focuses on education, but encompassing the development of every aspect of a child’s well being with family, relationships, and culture. I believe that this provides a strong foundation to help families achieve lifelong goals for the common good and prepare our new generation to live in the most comprehensive, tolerant, and inclusive world, in which the future is filled with possibilities.

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